Monday, August 23, 2010

Woof ~ Allergies

I am writing this because my mom is busy getting ready to go to her classroom to hang posters or some such nonsense. Of course that means I'll be stuck in that prison while she is gone. I'll have to chew my collar off again if she forgets to remove it -- that'll show her how much I hate being confined behind bars.

Anyway, I am tired because these lousy allergies are keeping me awake at night. I chew and scratch and chew and dig, but I can't make the itching stop. I think Mom was mad it me last night because I was keeping her awake too, but I can't help it -- I itch! Mom said she thinks it is seasonal, or maybe the smelly stuff she sprinkled on the carpet before she ran that noisy machine the other day (I like to bark at that so Mom always has to put me in the other room when she uses it -- she's no fun sometimes). Sigh. So for whatever reason I cannot stop itching. Once in a while Mom gives me this pink pill and the itching isn't so bad, but I feel kinda sleepy then, and I can't even keep my ears perky, so Mom said the pills are only when "we" really need a break from the itching.

Maybe I'll feel better after I destroy a pillow or something. That might help relieve a little tension because it is so much fun to make the smallest hole possible and then pull as much fluff out as I can before I get caught or bored, whichever comes first.

me, itching

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