Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pablo Eats a Leaf

Many people do not understand how animals can carve out a place in your heart, and I feel sorry for those people. My animals add a richness to my life that is difficult to define. They live simply, from day to day, and all of my animals are satisfied by the smallest things: morning grain, fresh hay, a bowl of kibble, an unexpected treat, a ride in the car, a nap on the bed.

Here is my dear late Pablo, who left the farm last December. I called him my "Buddha" because he was so quiet and peaceful -- he really was a very special animal, and I felt a very deep connection to him. He and Vinny were from a set of triplets, so Vin really struggled for a while until he adjusted to the loss of Pabs. On Pablo's last day, his brother did not want to leave his side... it was heart breaking.

Sadly we have to bury so many animals in our lifetime, but each leaves a mark on our heart that never gets replaced by anyone or anything else. Our lives are fuller because of the animals we invite to join us, and for all those opportunities I am truly thankful. I believe I am a better person because of these souls that have entered my life, and Pablo was one of my finest.

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