Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Online Dating


I've been looking on shelter sites and various rescue organizations, and it is very sad. Sooo many little faces - some traditionally beautiful and some not so beautiful - looking out at the camera. 'Heartbreaking.

Next spring, when life settles down again, we are going to adopt a dog. Mari will be 14 in June, and Sophie will be 10, and I need an active buddy to help me like Beary did. Goat chores, gardening, walks and bike rides are simply not the same without my little man, and although he can never be replaced I know I will be ready to open my heart to a dog that needs a home as much as I need a furry partner.

'Next spring, after swim meets, night classes and vacations are behind us for the season. And after my heart has some time to heal.

Meanwhile, I am learning how to navigate the world of dog adoptions, researching international rules as we are so close to the border, and trying to figure out how this whole system works. So far I am happy to report that cruising available dogs online is as easy as cruising available dates: lots of pictures and often lots of information. Of course, like with online dating, it remains to be seen how accurate the info is.

I took a couple of years to prepare for Bear. I researched the breed for months, I contacted and met various breeders, I attended my first dog show to meet Linda, the breeder, and Chanel, the dog mom of Bear, before he was even conceived. Dog ownership is not something I take lightly.

I have decided that my search will become part of my book. Bear was sent to me for a purpose, and this may be part of it - this personal and emotional side of dog ownership. Loss and gain. Heartbreak and joy.

The book's dedication is to the King of Bears, my Beary.

a helpful site ... the for dogs

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